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Balancing collaboration and focus is an unfair advantage. We make it happen.

Create water cooler moments

In 2013 Yahoo banned employees from working at home. They said: "to become the absolute best place to work, communication and collaboration will be important, so we need to be working side-by-side." They're right, sometimes working side-by-side is important.

Just because your team is remote doesn't mean that you can't work side-by-side. Moteburg encourages water cooler moments in your common kitchen. Team members can hang and chat with each other, or sit and knock out a few easy tasks while they see who's walking by.

Your new water cooler.

Increase trust

When we're unable to see our coworkers it is hard for us to contextualize the messages we send and receive. We struggle to find perfect emojis and the right number of exclamation marks.

Our facial expressions and vocal inflections do this job instantly. Moteburg uses video to ensure your team builds and maintains trust.

Coworkers chat at a kitchen table in their Moteburg office.

Protect focus

Research has shown that switching focus comes with big costs. The more you're switching tasks the less of your attention you have to give to your current work.

Often attempts to increase communication come at the cost of focus. Moteburg protects focused time by enabling workers to retreat into a private office.

Private office.

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