Shared Space for Distributed Teams.

Distributed teams have unique needs. Moteburg is the best commutation platform designed for distributed teams.

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What makes Moteburg different?

Recapture the best parts of having a physical office without compromising on flexibility.

Frictionless Video

Video outperforms audio and text communication at building interpersonal bonds. These bonds are vital to building and supporting an effective team.

Regardless, the majority of your team’s communication will happen using the fastest and easiest tool available. Moteburg is the fastest and easiest way for team members to communicate over video.

Coworkers chat at a kitchen table in their Moteburg office.

Protecting Team Focus

Other tools optimize for broadcasting the most information to the largest number of people. This encourages teams to be distracted and reactionary.

Moteburg encourages and protects focused work. Each team member gets their own private office to communicate to the rest of the team that they're deep in important work.

Private office.

Regain Your Sense of Place

The architecture around us informs our subconscious. Am I safe? What's expected of me? What is the history of this space?

Moteburg brings these deeply ingrained signals into a virtual office. When your team works from Moteburg they will have a greater sense of connection to their work.

Your new water cooler.

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